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In July 2018 in cooperation with Chernihiv National Technological University, Chernihiv IT Cluster launched its new ProsvITa training program. Over the course of the week, students were given an opportunity to familiarize with a whole range of IT areas, get an understanding of the IT industry from the inside and what awaits them when they get to hunting for their first job. Speakers representing Chernihiv IT companies shared their own experience, success stories, and mistakes, gave advice on where to get useful information on various subjects, how to enhance skills and knowledge taking advantage of modern technology.

Volodymyr Ananko (Acropolium) showed how an IT company looks from inside out. Dmytro Gorin (SendPulse) explored the world of Project and Product Managers, how to become one and what are the challenges associated with the positions. Programming languages, frameworks, and other technical aspects were presented by Olga Miroshnychenko (Astound Commerce), Serhiy Stasiuk (WydeVoice), Pavlo Zheldak (Acropolium), Oleksiy Artiukh (Astound Commerce) and Serhiy Kyslyi (Acropolium). Dmytro Shemendiuk shared UI design tips and ticks. Yuriy Shudra (Astound Commerce) let the students in on what it takes to be a developer and what the job entails. Volodymyr Dubyna (Speroteck) talked about self-education in IT and proved that constant learning, progressing and self-perfecting is a must for any IT specialist. Olya Pyshenko, HR at SendPulse made an animated demonstration of do’s and don’ts of compiling a resume.

Chernihiv IT Cluster, as well as students, are on the overall content with the program results. We received quite a number of positive responses, as well as comments and recommendations for further events. Students got a chance to communicate with IT specialists in out-of-office environment, ask questions, get insights from mature developers, and motivation for progress.

The first ProsvITa course was focused on a wide range of subjects. Whereas in the future, in view of the feedback we received from the participants, we plan to tailor courses according to subjects and depending on the target audience’s training level. We would like to extend our special thanks to our partner — ChNTU and personally to Serhiy Ivanets, Dean of the Electronics and Information Technology Department for facilitating the event.

Check out how it all went on the photos below.

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