Programming Skills Contest, April 2018

On 21 April 2018 Chernihiv IT Cluster team held a programming skills contest for students of Chernihiv National Technological University.

Oleksandr Skosyr is instructing contest participants
34 students participated in the contest. They were challenged with a task to develop a bot to further play Battleship. Students worked on the task for several hours in friendly, positive environment.

Of course the most exciting part was the naval combat between participants to identify winners. There was also a bit of disappointment – maybe due to an imperfect bot or lack of luck. Battles were exciting and emotional.

Denys Konovalov, year 4, became the absolute champion. Other winners were: Ivan Burmaka, Olena Kulyk, Oleksandr Mayseyenko and Vladyslav Nykytenko. Congrats to the best! Come and participate in the next events planned by Chernihiv IT Cluster. Our team is preparing a new challenge!

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