"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

- Henry Ford

That’s the key to success for Chernihiv.IT – working together as a team. Please welcome our committed team members who coordinate cluster activities, generate ideas and successfully implement them in collaboration with others. With a clear understanding of the value of effort and time they dedicate to Chernihiv IT Cluster they bring a great deal of benefit to the organization and the entire local IT community.

Iryna Lysytsia

Director of Chernihiv.IT. Streamlines Cluster activities, establishes connections with partners, interested participants and friends of Chernihiv.IT amongst IT clusters in Ukraine and beyond. Iryna is always open to new initiative, projects and communication, especially over a cup of good coffee.

Olya Pyshenko

Chernihiv.IT Event Coordinator. HR Manager at SendPulse. Olya is an experienced event maker, full of supercool fresh ideas she gladly shares with the team, she drives our cluster movement. She is a networking master, melomaniac and simply an extra-positive person for whom no task is out of reach.

Yura Shudra

Chernihiv.IT Education Programs Coordinator. Yura is one of the initiators and founders of Chernihiv IT Cluster. Training and Development Specialist at Astound Commerce. Member of All-Ukrainian state examination board at Chernihiv Technological University. Experienced mentor and trainer. He knows just how we need to improve IT education under conditions of today’s market. Professional and always ready to help.

Oleksandr Skosyr

Chernihiv.IT Education Programs Coordinator. Java Developer Lead at Astound Commerce. One of the most committed Cluster activists. Chernihiv Technological University graduate and dedicated friend with a passionate desire to share knowledge, experience and best practices with students. Highly intelligent, a fan of sports and outdoor enthusiast.